Sunday, May 11


I realized something a while ago.

To my understanding, you read my blog because, for some reason unbeknownst to me, you are interested in me/my life/my thoughts and opinions.

But while I've been very busy not keeping you all up to date on my life, things have been merrily chugging along in Meredithworld.

That should really be a theme park... Or maybe we can just go with this:
But I digress.

Anyway. Since you guys are interested in my life (and if you really aren't, please remember that ignorance is bliss and don't inform me otherwise) I decided to get you caught up on some of the majorer things that I've done or been up to, supplemented of course with tons of pictures and GIFs because hellurrrrr I just really like them and they suit my motives.

1. I finished school and passed another semester of college with my dignity mostly intact.

2. I turned in my final English assignment, a big research paper that pretty much killed my brain. When I turned it in I was all like
and when I got it back the teacher was all like "ONE HUNDRED AND THREE" so I was pretty happy.

3. I got a cute little coffeemaker and now I can make hot tea in my room whenever I want to.

4. I apparently signed up to work in our church nursery with Mom over the summer. I'll be a regular old Mary Poppins, I just know it.

5. I went to my first opera. And had a blast. And went to the second showing. And fangirled a leetle.

6. I wore heels to the aforementioned opera, unwillingly.

7. I signed up for music camp in the summer. And another music camp. And I found out that apparently my summer is going to busy. Yay.

8. I went to a lot of lectures and concerts and such and felt very classy and cosmopolitan and sophisticated.

9. Mom and I watched two seasons of Call the Midwife. It's a totally cute show, but I don't recommend it for...anyone, really.

10. I entered a few things in the homeschool art show and won a few prizes. And I also painted and did other various artsy things.
Like a boss.

11. I went to the beach with mi familia. The water is finally getting warm and swimmy.

12. I got rid of my textbooks from this past semester and emptied out my school bag for the last time.

13. I took the SAT again. And had a terrifying proctor. Again. I think they should just do this at the beginning of the test
because really. Let's talk real to each other like grown-ups, shall we?

14. After vegging out a little to reward myself for surviving a pretty brutal semester, I realized that I'm officially a high school senior now. Which means the next year is going to be full of college stuff, GPA's, transcripts, senior photos, graduation gowns, stress, and did I mention stress?

So yeah. There's a brief summary-ish of the past month or so. Now for the future, to sum up my feelings going into this summer...
Let's hope I get one.

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