Monday, July 29

Summer Memories #2

Even though May doesn't technically count as summer, it totally still does. Because I want it to. :D
 Geoffrey graduated in May, so this fall he'll be moving on to bigger, better, more college-like things. Fortunately he's planning to stay here in Pensacola, and even more fortunately, he's staying in the dorms on campus, so I get the bathroom all to myself now.
We also went to Fort Myers, FL for a piano competition, and I spent the whole time vegging out and listening to jazz. And also I played the piano a little, but mostly I just ate tacos and hated my life.
 This piano was just one of the coolest things I have ever done....maybe. At least it was definitely fun, and I'm excited to see it out and around town. In case you hadn't picked up on that yet.
 I went to Songs in the Park every week except the one week when I was in North Carolina and the other week when I was at a baseball game and the two weeks when I was at camp. So I guess I haven't really gone all that much...but I'm back at it now with a vengeance! If it's possible to attend an outdoor concert with a vengeance...
 Audrey went to band camp and became the proud owner of a recorder. *wince* Those band directors are laughing maniacally right about now. *FWEE FWEE FWEE FWEE FWONK* has been the soundtrack around here lately.
I've been busy working with the other SGA officers to plan this upcoming year of SGA. We have a very good board this year and I'm thankful for everyone's willingness to work. With lots of prayer, sweat, and tears (and - if I get my way and we can play killball - possibly blood) I think we will have an excellent year.
Okay! So I made it through the summer up through camp already! I'm doing good! Aren't you proud of me? Memories post - special camp edition coming up next!