Wednesday, August 7

Summer Memories #3 - Special camp edition

I went to camp again. It was fun. It was educational. I miss it desperately.
I did a lot of things I didn't really expect to do, too. 
I freaked out and dove into the bushes (not my fault...)
I made record time getting to dinner after rehearsal.
I played pool and didn't kill anyone (although my dignity did kind of take a hit)
I taught a complete musical illiterate to play the opening of the Super Mario theme (a surprisingly fulfilling experience) 
Okay, enough talking, on to the pictures. ;)
 This is the choir, which was AMAZING this year. I think the addition of the voice department really helped us out; we had some really good singers this year. (I was not one of them) And of course, we have a wonderful director, Mr. Owens.
 This woman is spectacular, magnificent, one in a million, talented beyond belief, motivating, inspiring, etc... It was a huge privilege to have a short time to learn from her.
 Of course, I was bored and since I was totally overwhelmed with this piece at the time, I decided to go all artistic in the practice room instead of practicing (a genius idea, I know... "I can't play this piece so instead of practicing LET'S TAKE PICTURES!!!! HAHAHA!!")
 This is my wonderful roommate/camp mom/forever best friend from Virginia, Jessica. She was always there to encourage me, fix my hair, lend me her shorts so I could go play outside...she is amazing and I love her. <3
 Two of mah gurls all dressed up funny for tacky Tuesday!
 More tacky Tuesday people. It's hilarious to see people's reactions.
 Me and Bekah! I was so glad she came for drama camp! Since we were both there for one of the brooding artist type camps, we got to see each other a lot! I love her! <3
 Do you see this child right here? He is the reason that I got scared and dove in the bushes. He is a meanie head. But also cool.
 We were being bad and getting photographic documentation of what a wonderful job our counselors do. ;) Seriously though, the counselors are all amazing. I think they must be super-people, because they do all the things they do on little to no sleep, and they put up with our antics and don't generally bite our heads off. It's awesome.
 Because I had the wonderful opportunity to play with the orchestra, I got to sit backstage and misbehave during orchestra rehearsals (as opposed misbehaving in the audience) I had a little too much fun with that...
 Also had a little bit too much fun with this guy. (Connor/Timothy/Nerd Boy/who even knows what this guy's name is?)
The gorgeous roses I got after the concert. I loved them. x)
 Me and Mo, who, simply put, is the coolest counselor ever. So is AJ. So is KiKi. So is Dylan. So is Kayla. So is Suzanne. So is Dylan (who is the lion to AJ's puppy...)
Me and the Barbosas, who come from Brazil every year to work with the orchestra. They were so much fun to work with and I'm so glad I got that opportunity this year.

So yeah! That was camp! And of course there were other things that I didn't feel like writing (because I am a terrible, lazy blogger) but that is the gist of it! I suppose I'll have another random post up soon, probably, maybe. I don't really know.


  1. I have loved seeing how Summer Music Academy has helped you grow both as a musician and a person. What an incredible opportunity; these are memories that you will always treasure. Love you, Meredith!