Sunday, August 11

Road Trip Survival Guide

Hey everybody! Guess what?

I'm going on an adventure!

Please tell me you read that in a Bilbo voice....

I'm actually smack dab in the middle of my adventure. Right now I'm in Tennessee, and tomorrow we'll continue on to Ohio. I honestly don't know what in the world we're doing  up there, or why we're going, but I'm told that at some point, we'll be going in a cave. (Auto-win!) 
I suppose right now things aren't very adventurous, since I'm sitting on a hotel bed, covered in blankets, sipping my Arizona tea and watching Duck Dynasty. (AND writing a blog post, because I'm just awesome like that.)

No, not exactly adventurous.

But they will be adventurous. Probably. Maybe.
Now. Since I'm in Tennessee, obviously I'm not in Pensacola. And that means that somehow, I got from Pensacola to Tennessee. And that's part of the adventure.

I rode in a van with five other people for eight hours. And lived to tell the tale (at least I have so far)
Road trips with your family can be challenging, but I've been on enough of them that I consider myself a sort of expert. Here are my tips on how to survive those delightful family road trips.

1. Headphones are invaluable when it comes to traveling with your family, particularly if you have younger siblings who have a tendency to be...vocal. I hope it goes without saying that you should also have good music to accompany your headphones. (Like Liszt's piano concertos)
2. Poptarts, just because Poptarts make things better. Always.
3. Books, simply because books are stinking awesome. They can keep you occupied for nearly indefinite periods of time, provided that you bring substantial literature.
4. Ideally, come into the trip slightly exhausted, so you can sleep. And sleep. And maybe sleep some more.

This is my fool proof method to survive long car trips. You can bet that I'll be the one zoned out in the back seat. And I'll be loving it.

Aren't you guys proud of me for writing a post while I'm gone? I'm hoping to get some pictures while we're up here, and if I get any good ones, I'll post some. 

Oh, and by the way, the sunsets are much prettier in Pensacola than they are here. 

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  1. Just don't get too comfortable back there. Before you know it, I'll be the one zoned out in the back, and you'll be at the wheel.