Monday, June 11

Banner Elk post #2

After Tuesday came Wednesday, which was picture day.
Picture day is the most exciting day of the whole week and all of the kids look forward to it with great anticipation because it is just so much fun to be stuck at the lodge for two hours when you want to be off hiking!!!!!
There was so much sarcasm in that statement it's practically obscene.
Wednesday came and it was overcast, and starting to drizzle.
The pictures didn't really turn out because the lighting was very much off, BUT we did succeed in getting a passable family picture.

 Aren't we all so cute??
Yes, we are. We're adorable.
After that, it was raining and we had to go inside. So I stuck around outside (oh yeah, rebel points!) and got artsy with my camera!
 Some more of the abundant interesting-looking plant life around the camp.

 Okay, I admit it: I LOVE this picture! It looks so cool!!! Whenever I get a photo that looks really neat, I'm like, "WHOA! I just did that!"
 Safely resting in the arms of Jesus.
 The cool chimney thing outside the lodge. I know I'm using the word "cool" excessively. Sorry, I am, after all, a teenager. ;)
 Me, walking down the walk to go inside the lodge: Hmmm....those stumps look pretty cool. Maybe I'll take a picture of them.
Stumps: YES! Meredith, please do!
Me: *click*
Stumps: ...
Me: WHOA! I just did that!
 PJ being his usual, cheerful self. David and Jacob at their favorite activity, eating. Cameron...well, it's Cameron.
 Another landscape that is RIDICULOUSLY similar to the one I took the day before.
And yet, it is TOTALLY different at the same time.
 Jacob, Caleb, Jeremy, and PJ at the creek terrorizing the fish. As soon as PJ saw there were fish in there, BOOM! He was hooked on fishing. (pun intended)
 Normally at Banner Elk, the sky is always really blue and all the colors are very vivid and bright. This year I got a little taste of the darker side, and I'm glad I did! I do believe my horizons have been broadened.
 This picture is kind of depressing and happy at the same time. Go figure.
There were water lilies all over the lake, and whenever we girls would go out canoeing or kayaking, we could come back with a multitude of lilies. I doubt there are any left anymore! :/
I was walking by these leaves and I noticed that they had a really interesting texture, they were almost fuzzy! It was so strange!
Looking back, I realize that I didn't get ANY pictures from the sports field, so as you're weaving your version of the Bunke reunion in your mind, just randomly add in some ultimate frisbee games, okay? Okay.
Post #3 coming soon!!! I am SOO excited about this one!


  1. Your personality comes through in your writing, Meredith! Nice job--very entertaining to read. :-)

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  3. 1. You are adorable :)
    2. I love reading your posts
    3. You looked like you had a lot of fun
    4. You most definately are a teenager :)
    5. I love you
    6. I missed you and still do
    7. We need to get together
    8. I think that's all xD
    9. Wait one more text me :)

  4. I love the far off picture with the boys next to the water and the dark clouds over the mountains. Well, I love all of the pictures but that was one of my favorites. :D

  5. Meredith,
    I think you are doing an awesome job. I love reading your blog. I read it and think "I know her, she is so cool, and she would pick me!":)

  6. Those are some neat pictures that are making me want to go out and explore! :) And I have to agree with Diana with the picture next to the water. What can I say? That's how seesters are!

  7. Sarah Me =)11/6/12 2:38 PM

    I love how your writing is full of your fun and bubbly side, and the pictures are more sweet and meditative....a perfect balance! :) I love reading your posts! Keep them comming!! ;)