Sunday, June 3

The weekend was fun

Well, as the title says, this weekend was FUN.
Like crazy fun.
I tried two new things: playing paintball and going on a dolphin cruise.
Both were awesome.
 We were all out playing paintball for Andrew's birthday! Here's the whole group.
 The girls. We kicked butt.
 Mrs. Lee looks vicious, no?
Daniel was soooo cute in all his gear!!! :D

So I had lots of fun playing paintball and only got hit twice! Fun stuff, let me tell you! I'm not super eager to go play again, but I know I will want to eventually!
After that we had a busy day again, doing lots of stuff!
First we went to the farmers market...
SARAH!!! Where are you??? I missed getting to talk to you more. :( There's always next time!
Whoa...I just realized that we all color coordinate....creepy.
After that came the suuuuuuper fun part!
Even though I am a Florida native, we've never been big on "living the salt life" or whatever, so I had never really been to the beach before I was twelve, and I have NEVER been out on a boat before.
Until now, and let me tell you...
It was awesome!!! (BTW, a huge thanks to my awesome photographer CAMERON!!!!!)
 Me and Ashley!!! <3

 Okay, I was getting a little artistic...emphasis on little.

 All of these little boats kept passing us, they thought they were so cool.
Okay, they kind of are.
 Oh yeah, dolphins baby! They were soo cute! When the captains on the two boats saw dolphins, the boats would come together and the dolphins like to play in the waves created behind and between the boats! :)

 Sorry about the blurriness, but keep in mind that I took these out of a car window going forty miles per hour!


  1. Fun! :-) You should have included pics of how people looked after the war! =) Yes, Mrs. Lee looks VICIOUS! :) And Daniel always looks adorable, but he looked even cuter with all his gear on!! <3
    Nice post!

  2. Looks like fun! I have yet to try paintball even though my older brother had a big phase of it. (Mom wouldn't let him shoot us just because for us to see what it felt like even when we asked him to...) And the dolphin cruise looks like it had a better turn out than the one we went to last year with all of those jolly-jumping guys! Nice pictures and documentation! :)

  3. Sarah Me =)4/6/12 4:36 PM

    Looks like a fun weekend, and I am glad that I got to share a little of it with you! :) I wish I wasn't so busy when you came, but at least I got my phone fixed so I could talk to you that way! =) Great pictures! You and Cameron make very nice photo buddies! ;)