Monday, June 25

Songs in the Park

All weekend I kept thinking that I had something to blog about. It was like a nagging feeling but I could never quite put my finger on what it was that I could write about!
And then last night I finally remembered! I did something fun last week and remembered to take pictures!
I went to songs in the park with a whole bunch of awesome people! So I remembered at like eleven o' clock last night and I wanted to go right downstairs and do the post so I wouldn't forget again. Of course I couldn't do that, so I bode my time until the morning.
 Geoffrey was very much enjoying the music, so it was actually hard for Mom to get him out of La-La Land long enough to take a decent picture!
 Ashley and Lizbeth!!! <3
 Me and a bunch of my awesome friends!! And Henry too!!
 The beautiful clouds and such (taken by Lizbeth)
 All of the moms and some of the other kids
 Me and Jonah! He's so fun!! xD
Geoffrey and Joel discussing the matters of the world over popcorn. :)
It was a super fun night filled with lots of AWESOME music, and it was better cuz I got to share it with friends! <3


  1. The first pictures I've seen from Music in the Park all year! Nice pics. :)

    Ah, life... and popcorn...

  2. Sarah Me =)25/6/12 1:58 PM

    Yay! Someone finally did a post about it!! ...I just need a few more pictures and maybe I might do one in the near future... :) Nice pictures!!
    And I love the faces they are making in that last one! looks like Joel haddent slept in weeks...or there is something in that popcorn... ;)

  3. I LOVE pretty clouds!!!!! And taking pictures of them! :)

  4. Lizbeth :)3/7/12 10:52 AM

    Those black shoes the boys are sitting by.....Joel's? :P