Friday, February 7

A New Chapter (or something like that)

I turned sixteen yesterday.
And I heard the usual birthday questions several times yesterday: "So do you feel any different?"
Well, to be honest, I feel very different... But that's probably just me. I'm very excited to be getting older and being allowed more privileges (and responsibilities), and I can't wait to see what God has in store for me over the next few years of my life. I've been learning a lot and really realizing the beauty of a life lived for Christ. Hopefully year sixteen will be an even better year for me than the last.
Last February 6th I posted sixteen things I was thankful for (one for each year of my life, and one to grow on). This year I think I'll post a few things I learned this past year. I don't think I can manage seventeen, but I'll do my best.

1. When God is your number one priority, everything else just sort of falls into place.
2. You can teach yourself dedication and discipline. As evidenced by my actually effective piano practice the last few weeks.
3. Friends come and go. All we can do is appreciate the time we are given with them.
4. The accelerator and the brake do very different things in a car and they are not to be confused.
5. Encouraging someone can be one of the easiest things you do, but it means so much.
6. What Makes You Beautiful is still an excellent running song. Some of you may judge me for that, but frankly...
Moving right along...
7. People appreciate kindness a lot more than I thought.
8. Snow is overrated. As is ice. As is winter in general. See, I like electricity. And warmth.
9. How to wash your hair like they do at hair salons...
10. As much as I dislike school sometimes, I am literally lost without it. Having gone a week without school unexpectedly (due to "inclement weather") I realized that it's seriously my entire life.
11. Your parents are actually on your side.
12. I am incredibly blessed. My entire life is so abundantly overflowing with God's gifts that it's really pretty unbelievable. My God is truly amazing.

I'm definitely looking forward to learning even more in the coming year. Anything difficult is a tool to make me stronger, and anything easy is a blessing. No matter what, I have amazing family and friends who will be with me through everything. Thanks all for your love and encouragement. <3


  1. 1. "Realizing the beauty of a life lived for Christ." Yes. I love that.
    2. #11 was meaningful (ahem); always and forever.
    3. I was kind of disappointed that chocolate wasn't mentioned.
    4. Speaking as a brazenly and shamelessly biased parent, you truly turned "Sweet Sixteen" this year. I love you, and I love being your mom (or "mum" or "mama" or whatever).

  2. Our birthdays are only a day apart, that's awesome! :) Happy Sweet Sixteen, Meredith! And yes, snow is HIGHLY overrated. It was -25 here in Colorado on my birthday. Yikes.

  3. Happy Birfday! I would have told you the day of your birthday, but I really had no way to do that... But I was thinking of you that day, and hoping you were enjoying yourself.
    And your post made me smile. Again.