Thursday, August 11

Home at Last!

Well, after four and a half days away from my home in the Sunshine State (haha-whoever named FL that should be shot), we're finally back. And it's raining.
It was seventy degrees when we left Brandon, Mississippi, and now, it's ninety-seven. After a long, sticky trip in the van with no air conditioning, we finally arrived home. I was SO happy to see Mom and my dear sweet puppy.
Grace was happy too! You just can't tell, cuz she's, you know, a dog.
After we had unpacked everything and Gracie was so very happy, we put her in her crate and headed out for a late lunch together.
So, Mom finished all of her lesson plans and we're ready to start school this Monday, Gracie got all excited only to be stashed away in a corner, and I am stuffed to the gills!
Have a great (and fun) day!

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