Friday, July 15

Starting Out

Well, this is my blog! Thanks to Sarah for giving me the idea to start one, and thanks to my mom for helping me through the set-up, which was not as easy as it should be. First off the name was a challenge. I would say something, Mom would say something, we would shut each other down, and repeat. The name is a paraphrased quote from The Fellowship of the Ring where Gandalf tells Frodo we must do what we can with the "time that is given us." Oh, and thanks to Mom for finding the name:)
 Hopefully this blog will help you keep up with my crazy life. Have fun!


  1. Here's to starting new things! I look forward to reading your posts. It was fun helping you get started--you did all the hard, technological (geeky) stuff. Happy blogging! Love...Mom

  2. Ha ha ha, that's lame

  3. Hi! You don't actually know me, but I'm one of Sarah's friends. I love how you found the title! I like The Lord of the Rings. :D Just thought I would tell you I like what I've read so far! :)

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  5. Sarah Me =)16/7/11 9:01 PM

    Hey Meredith! I'm glad that you got the commenting thing working!! I would comment with my blog profile name, but it shows up as 'Miller Family Aquaponics'...sooo.... :}
    I'm so glad that this worked out for you and I can't wait to read more!! =D

  6. Rebecca Reid20/7/11 10:50 PM

    Welcome to the wonderful world of writing! I love the name you picked out. Lord of the Rings is my favorite movie. =) I can't wait to "keep up with your life." Lol.