Thursday, July 21

Busy, busy day!

Getting ready for a busy day. But not a kind of busy that takes me all over Pensacola. No,tis a kind of busy that leaves me mostly right here in my humble abode. On the agenda for this morning: Baking a huge batch of cookies for Geoff while he's at camp. Why the huge batch? Well, they'll smell and look so positively scrumptious that his roommates will not be able to control themselves. So it was simple. At least three high school guys= Meredith has to bake a LOT of cookies:) Then it's off to the library for me! It works out on either end-the library gets another volunteer, and I get about thirty-five volunteer hours for me high school transcript:)

1 comment:

  1. Plus you find some really neat books while shelving--definitely a plus!