Tuesday, May 7

I hate everything

As stated by the title, I hate everything.
I hate the trees.
I hate the sun.
I hate the birds that joyfully fling their song of glee to the blue skies which are permeated with warm, golden sunlight.
I hate it all.

WHY? you may ask.

Here's why.


1. Everything hates me. The other day I stubbed my toe, got sand in my eyes, was attacked by a rogue piece of litter, and nearly fell down a flight of stairs. Clearly the world is out to get me.
2. It's fun. If you don't think that it was fun to write the first forty-two or so words of this post, you're insane.
3. Being pessimistic is funny.
4. I'm bored and I hate this.
4. I hate the number five, so I refuse to use it here.
3. Now I'm just being silly.
456, 932, 111, 984, 334.765382579555594083. This is a real number. Believe it.

I give up.

Thank you guys all for sticking with me to my 350th post! Can you believe that you've read me rambling about stupid things 350 times? Does it kind of make you want to reconsider your life? Either way, I love you all so much and thank you!! <3


  1. When I read the beginning, I immediately decided to not follow you anymore, since you seem to hate me too...
    Nah, I love you. :)

  2. So I have to admit...this is a funny post even if I don't hate everything. ;D

  3. Hmmmmm...sounds like someone needs to practice playing the "Glad Game." :-)

  4. As I read number one, waves of Schadenfreude washed over my being. Thanks to you, I knew what it was instantly. Also, do you hate hate if you hate everything?