Monday, February 4

I go spazzo

I don't really feel like saying anything deep or meaningful, because I'm just soo excited! This week is gonna be fuunn!! x)
Today I am going bowling...which I have a feeling could warrant a good self-ridicule post at a later date.
Tonight my little sister has a spelling bee...she's nervous...
Wednesday is nothing special...except maybe one teeny little thing...
Thursday we have PE...
Friday we have co-op...and that night we get to go to Fine Arts at PCC to hear the Jaffe family! I'm suuuuper pumped for that, like soo much it's kind of's just gonna be one boss concert. Legit.
Saturday is gonna be boring as boring goes. And by boring I mean SO TOTES NOT BORING.
So yeah! I'm in a good, crazy mood today, and thusly I pity anyone who has to come in contact with me!
I hope your Monday is going as great as mine is, and that your week will be fun too!
I'm going to shut up and go eat breakfast now.

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  1. Haha, well I'm excited about Saturday! :) See you soon!