Wednesday, October 30

On the Sunrise

The sunrise this morning was beautiful.

And while I was sitting watching it (because the natural thing to do at 6 AM is to curl up with your fuzzy blanket, open your blinds, and watch the day begin), I had a thought.

You know how all artists have a personal trademark or defining style? Like something to say "This work is mine, and I'm proud of it." Even though each piece of art may be different, that same style or trademark is always evident.

So isn't it the same with God's creations?

That sunrise was a work of art. You are a work of art. Every person, animal, and plant in this world is a unique work of art.

Now I don't start off the day looking beautiful, radiant, and sporting various vivid colors. (Those of you unlucky few who've seen me fresh out of a peaceful slumber know I look anything but.) But because I share a common Creator with that sunrise, the glorious trademark of that Creator is with me, too. Some part of the stunning beauty of that sunrise, no matter how small, I carry with me everywhere. God leaves His trademark on all of His creations. The heavens declare the glory of God, and so should we as Christians. It's my prayer that the trademark of God will be impossible to miss in my life.

So isn't that kind of cool little thoughtful thing to think about during thoughtful thinking time?

Personally, I liked my sunrise better, but this one is pretty stinking adorable, too.

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  1. Reading a Meredith blog post makes me happy. You are gifted at putting your thoughts into words and sharing them with us. I love these thoughts--when I see an especially glorious or colorful sunrise (or sunset), it makes me feel like God is whispering to me, "Be still. I am God and I am here. All is well."