Monday, April 23


As April is drawing to a close, I realize that I haven't been keeping you up to date on what's been going on this month, and I apologize. I really don't have any good reason not to have been blogging besides that I'm lazy. :) Anyways, most of you have been along on the crazy ride that has been my life this month, but still, I must tell you because according to Mom, "Your blog is boring, Meredith, you never update it." So....UPDATE!!!
First this month, a couple of our friends started having health problems over spring break, which was not cool but couldn't be helped. They know who they are and you do too! Fortunately, everyone is in stages of recovery, so I'm very thankful for that! :)
Then we went to the beach!!!!!
I think the small little crouching person adds character
Hmmm....guess where we were?

Then we had a week or so where we were all just kind of plugging along, not doing much. Nothing to tell you from that week.
Then we had our WFHESL Art Show/Showcase. I entered photography, B&W drawing, color drawing, and painting.
I won two blue ribbons for the scary portrait and for my football, which were my favorites anyway! I won second for my sunset and third for my flower! "And that," said Meredith, "is that!"
I also won a few awards this month, one a 200 dollar scholarship for music camp this summer!! Looks like I might be going after all! The other was third place in the library poetry contest. The poem I entered as well as the poem I almost entered can be found here!
And I've also enjoyed seeing things turning green and colorful!
And finally, we had our SGA meeting. Hmm...where do I begin with this? Possibly a good thing to clear up first is to tell you that I am an officer this year, but I'm technically finished with my job there since I have no more field trips to plan. However, I still have all my usual duties at the meetings with generally keeping things organized. So I'll start at the beginning of the meeting. It started out fine, setting up for our luau themed party later in the meeting. Then, things started getting more stressful as more people arrived and it got busier. I was running all over greeting folks and helping with things. To top it all off, I was nervous because it was our talent show meeting and I had two skits to act in! Anyway, I got in practice for both skits before the meeting began and was in my seat in time. I didn't get to sit for long though, as I had to give a speech concerning why I should be elected secretary. Apparently I did OK on it, since I was elected! After I finished that, I did a skit entitled "Beans" with Allie, Andrew, and Hannah. It was super fun and we won second place! :)
This was after the officer skit but I think I got all the cake off my face...
Please ignore my extreme frazzledness!
On to the officer skit...oh, the officer skit....
SOMEONE decided that the officers should do something stupid to show that we're just like the general membership (someone who HAPPENS to be GRADUATING this year and WON'T have to put up with the UTTER EMBARRASSMENT the rest of his high school years) So I ended up stuck in a rain poncho with Megan, my fellow officer, while one of us was the other's arms. Trying to mix up a cake mix while in that situation was harder than I thought it would be! So one cake mix, a bottle of spilled oil, and a whole lot of mess later, I ended up with frosting and sprinkles all over my face and in my hair and on my clothes. 
This is pretty much exactly what I looked like
So I think April has been a good month! Hopefully May will have fewer crises, but just as much fun! Looking forward to the summer and planning lots of fun with my AMAZING friends!!! :)

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  1. Thank you for sharing all the beautiful photo's and storys of where you live. I was so happy to see your art work as well. A beautiful happy blog, a joy. Greetings from Australia.